Hotel vs Camping

Cost of a Hotel vs. Campsite

You are planning your future vacation and you do not know what to choose as accommodation? Your heart sways between hotel and campsite … difficult choice … just for you, find below a few pros & cons, we hope that it will perhaps allow you to see more clearly and finalize your next vacation.

Let’s choose your side for your next vacation.

Hotel Cleanliness vs. Camping Cleanliness

Hotel Pro: Three star and higher, the room is clean, the sheets are soft, and television is only a click away. You also have your bathtub, soap and hot water in your room, what a luxe!

Hotel Con: In the motel, or less luxurious hotel, you might have some bad surprises such as dirty sheets, cigarette smell, dirty carpet, thin partitions that let all the noise of your neighbors pass…

Camping Con: You will have to take your shower in the common area. Or in the river next to your tent. Because maybe you will have the pleasure to have hot water, maybe not. And don’t forget to bring your own soap and your own bath towel.

Camping Pro: You are camping, so you will enjoy to come back to the sources, in the nature, you will enjoy an outdoor shower or a swim in the lake next door. Your private tent will be clean because it’s yours! You can choose a quiet spot with a view! You are free.

Sleep at Hotels vs. Campsite Sleep

Sleep at Hotels vs. Campsite Sleep

Camping Pro: Everyone at a campground is an early riser, you will enjoy the sunrise!

Camping Con: No sound proof walls, if your neighbor wakes up in the middle of the night, everyone will hear. You will need to cook your own breakfast, so don’t forget to bring your coffee, tea, camping stove…

Hotel Pro: You have your own space, your own room. You will have a nice breakfast with the roomservice ! For once you will take your time and enjoy your breakfast.

Hotel Con: It’s will depends of the soundproofing of your room and the quality of your mattress… so difficult to know in advance.

Hotel vs Camping Travel

Cost of a Hotel vs. Campsite

Hotel Con: Usually costs twice or more that of a campsite for one night stay.  Plus you can’t cook your own food, so add dining costs as well.

Camping Con: Startup costs are pricey as you pay for tents, sleeping bag, camp stoves and more.

Camping Pro: Once you have the gear, camping will be half the price. And if you are lucky you can maybe find a spot where you won’t have to pay to stay.

Experience at a Hotel vs. Camping

Camping Pro: every vacation is an “adventure” because you will remember the campsite, the campfire, camp beaches, camp food, camp friends and more.  Staying at a campsite is as much a part of the vacation experience as going to the beach. Or visiting a water park and heading to a National Park. It’s fun and a nice experience to share with family and friends!

Hotel Pro: Staying at a hotel, can provide quite a luxury vacation experience, you will be seduced by the room service, the fluffy towels, indoor pools… It will be a relaxation time and “off duty” feeling. Sometimes it’s nice to do nothing at all, just relax and enjoy!

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Your choice will also depend on your destination for instance. Because if you want to make a trek in the mountains it will be easier to camp. But if you want to visit a town such as New-York or Sydney, an hotel room will be easier to find!